Thursday, August 16

Blog Hop Day 8

Day 8!! Today my hubby & I are celebrating being together for 10 years! OmGosh where in the heck did the last decade go!!! It really does not feel like we have been together that long!
Well I only have a couple more projects to show you after today. =( But I've saved my favorites for last!

I loved how this card came out! I actually had another card made & ready to send then I felt like I just wasn't supposed to submit the other card, now again its the 11th hour & I'm kinda freaking out thinking "Lord if I'm not supposed to send this card then what the heck am I supposed to send?" Of course God is always faithful! This was the very last card I made for the competition just a few hours before it had to be mailed out. I wish I would have taken a picture of the inside. I put some stars inside & stamped "Miss You". I don't have a brother but I was thinking how much someone would enjoy sending this to their brother in the military. I hope SU comes back with some star dies soon! Anyway thanks for taking a peek at my project today! Lets keep hopping over to see Tara!

Here's the line up in case you get lost on your way:
7. Mercedes Weber (you are here)
8. Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin


  1. I love this card Mercedes! It is clean and simple and conveys a lot of emotion at the same time. Great card!

  2. If ten years seems like a long time, wait until you hit 20...whew! My husband is in the Army National Guard and was deployed a few years ago to Iraq. This is a wonderful card to send to someone serving our country. BTW, I miss the stars too!


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