Thursday, August 27

3-D Ultrasound

Here's one of the first pictures of our new baby girl. This is the coolest technology!! It always makes me feel closer to my baby after I get to see them. I usually wait till I am about 8 months along to get the 3-d but I was so anxious to find out if it was a boy or girl I had it done at 16 weeks which was the soonest they could tell.
My oldest is doing better. She isn't getting around much but the pain has reduced some. She will hopefully return to school next week. Her birthday is also coming up next week! I can beleive she will be 15!! OMGosh I am getting so old!!
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Be Blessed,

Friday, August 21

Whats going on...

My oldest had to have surgery on both knees yesterday. It has been a rough 24 hours but hopefully we can get the pain under control so she can rest comfortably. I am totally exhausted from being at the hospital all day yesterday then up & down with her all night. Anyway just wanted to take a second to give you all a quick update on whats been going on with me & also let you know we found out we are having a baby girl!

Thursday, August 6

Razzleberry is Yummy!!

I wasn't sure about the In Colors this time around but so far I have been pleasantly surprised how nicely they blend with our traditional colors. This card features Razzleberry, Olive, & Pale Plum. This was the first card I came up with for the stamp-a-stack. It was so difficult to get it done. I kept adding & taking away & moving & turning & changing...Yikes!! You would have thought I was new to this stamping thing. LOL!! But with lots of prayer & effort I came up with this. Not too bad, right?
Thanks for stopping by I wish you all a wonderfully blessed day!

Wednesday, August 5

Finally stampin again...

Its sad to say but I have had $200+ in brand new stampin gear sitting here in boxes for over 2 months. Since I have been sick from the pregnancy even thinking about stamping would make me feel horrible. So weird!! Anyway I have been feeling better lately so I hope that phase is over. Getting back in the swing of things was way more difficult than I thought it would be. I needed to create 5 cards for an upcoming stamp-a-stack & it took me way longer then it should of. I was really doubting my creative abilities. I am still not back to normal but at least I got the 5 cards done & I think they came out ok.
On another note it was fun to see this month's Stampin Success & my winning entry. I am really looking forward to seeing my other card in the next issue of Paper Crafts! I really loved that card & can't wait to see it again!!
Hopefully life will finally return to normal & I can go back to stamping & updating my blog more often. So until next time....
Smiles & Blessings,