Wednesday, August 5

Finally stampin again...

Its sad to say but I have had $200+ in brand new stampin gear sitting here in boxes for over 2 months. Since I have been sick from the pregnancy even thinking about stamping would make me feel horrible. So weird!! Anyway I have been feeling better lately so I hope that phase is over. Getting back in the swing of things was way more difficult than I thought it would be. I needed to create 5 cards for an upcoming stamp-a-stack & it took me way longer then it should of. I was really doubting my creative abilities. I am still not back to normal but at least I got the 5 cards done & I think they came out ok.
On another note it was fun to see this month's Stampin Success & my winning entry. I am really looking forward to seeing my other card in the next issue of Paper Crafts! I really loved that card & can't wait to see it again!!
Hopefully life will finally return to normal & I can go back to stamping & updating my blog more often. So until next time....
Smiles & Blessings,

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