Wednesday, August 15

Blog Hop Day 7

 Welcome back to day 7 of the blog hop! Hope you've been inspired to bust out your stamps & ink em up! Today I have my third scrapbook page to share. This one features #3. All my girls look a lot like me but this one is a spittin image of me when I was her age! The only real difference is I had super curly hair & she doesn't. This kid is super high energy from the time she wakes up to the time she falls asleep. She is almost always happy & smiling & being a goofball! She is very different from #2, who is all about girly girly stuff. #3 could care less if her outfit matches, her hair is brushed, etc. she just wants to play! And she LOVES LOVES LOVES dogs!!! Anyway on to the page...

Scrapbooking is not my strong suite but I loved this picture so much I just let it inspire the page. I kept it very simple. We were out shopping & she spotted this hat & coat so of course she had to try them on! I had my big camera in my bag for some reason so we had a little fun pretending to be "modeling" the outfit. I cut out a few layers of the letters & stacked them on top of eachother to give some dimension & I guess the rest is pretty straight forward. Thanks for stopping by today!
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Here's the line up in case you get lost on your way:

7. Mercedes Weber (you are here)


  1. Sweet page. Love the photo of your daughter...she does look a lot like you...beautiful!

  2. Love the simple page - you let the adorable photo of your daughter take center stage. Very nice!

  3. SO cute!! I love, love, love the colours!


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