Wednesday, July 3

Just Because

Swaps are always a great part of going to Convention but the Artisan Finalist swaps are just spectacular! So the pressure is on to get mine going since they take quite awhile to complete. Yesterday I was playing around with a few different ideas and I finally decided on which one it will be but of course in the process I have a few "prototypes" so thought I would share one...
I had decided on a color combo & stamp set and got to stamping! Adding things and taking things away until I came up with something I thought was a winner but I usually ask Hubby for his opinion before deciding and since his initial response was "This is a swap?!" I knew it should be a good one. Stay tuned for a peek after Convention of course. 
Yesterday I also got to chat with some of the other finalist! Such a fun group of wonderfully talented ladies! Stiff competition let me tell you! It was neat to see some new faces and  friends from the 2012 group. I am so looking forward to meeting up with them and of course seeing their entries displayed! Ok enough chatter I got to get crackin on my swaps....

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