Thursday, December 20

Ninja Turtles & Punch Art

Well today we celebrate my baby, #3 turning 7!!! Oh my gosh time just passes way too fast! She wanted a Ninja Turtle birthday. No problem, right???? WRONG! Ninja Turtle party decorations were nowhere to be found but I was definitely not about to tell her that a turtle party was not going to happen. So like any crafty mom, we turned to Pinterest!I saw lots of cute ideas but actually I just decided to have my hubby draw the turtles on green balloons! We did find some wrapping paper so I used that as the table cover. Not too bad for improvising & my little girl was happy!

The cake was another challenge but I think it will be ok, I will share pictures of it later. Ok we have to go take the birthday girl out to lunch but I will leave you with a simple punch art snowman card I made yesterday...


  1. Your snowman is very cute! Love all your creations. Thank you for sharing them! I have finally figured out how to post a comment on your blog! I am wondering if you have ever got around to making the Angry Bird tutorial.

  2. you are a great crafty mom; everything looks lovely!


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