Saturday, December 22

More Cute Punch Art!

Every year I think I will get better at getting my Christmas cards out early but so far no luck. Its always a mad dash to the post office at the last possible hour but it was funny watching all the other people doing the same thing. Anyway I thought I would share a couple of my favorite cards that went postal today...
Of course I sent out a ton of different cards because making too many of one is just no fun for me. I saw the cute dog on Ellen Kemper's blog & added the google eyes & santa hat.
Anyway thanks for taking the time from your busy holiday schedule to stop by!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Oh yeah before I forget, here is a peek at how the Ninja Turtle cake turned out...
So the closets design they had was an Incredible Hulk cake so we went with that. Then I cut the images from the wrapping paper, laminated them, & cut them out again. Stuck them on instead of the Hulk. It worked perfectly & #3 was surprised to see her turtle cake!

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  1. Great idea to laminate the wrapping paper! My soon to be 5yr old wants a TMNT party next month...luckily McDonalds has the toys, so I think I'll use those, but if they don't have all 4 turtles or at least the one he loves (Michelangelo), then laminating seems like a great alternative! Thanks for the post! Hoped #3 loved her party!


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