Tuesday, November 22

Rubber Ducky

Thought I'd pop in & take a quick break from the holiday themed stuff & share a baby card I made the other day. I love this little ducky image!
 Also wanted to let you know I have finally learned how to use my sewing machine!! Thanks to my hubby! I love you sweetie! It was one of my birthday year resolutions. Yes I know I need another hobby like I need more dsp. On my b day hubby took me down to sign up for a sewing class which took place last weekend & crazily my back was out so I couldn't go but my sweetheart went in my place! My HERO! He was the best student I'm sure & made a fabulous arm chair caddy to hold remotes & such. Not sure where to put it though since he chose Marvel Super Hero fabric LOL! Anyway when I was feeling better her taught me how to sew! Next on my list was to make a dress for my youngest daughter. Finished it today but she refuses to even try it on! My two older girls are more then willing to take it though. Its a cute shirt on them! Now on to project #3 which is a cute little drawstring bag made from Spice Cake fabric! O MY how I adore everything Spice Cake! The colors & patterns are just SOOO yummy! Hopefully I can photograph them & share tomorrow.

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  1. What a catch! Your hubby sounds like a true man. Wish we were all so lucky!



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