Wednesday, November 2

Happy Birthday To Me!

First off yes its 2 a.m. but what better way to start celebrating my b-day then hanging out in my stamp room! Actually I was going to go to bed a couple hours ago but just as I crawled in to bed hubby got a call & had to go back to work so I thought I'd try to wait up for him since he had just got home a couple hours before he had to go again. But I praise GOD he has a job! Anyway back to the card...

Woo Hoo just heard hubby pull up so I gotta run!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mercedes!

    What a beautiful card!

  2. Happy Birthday to a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you making such beautiful creations for us to copy!!Big hugs to you on this special Day!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Mine was a few days ago too. Hope you have a great day!!


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