Thursday, January 21

Love You Stinky

My daughter was wearing a shirt a few weeks ago with a cute little skunk on it & it inspired me! I actually made it awhile back & its been sitting on my desk unfinished until last night! I will be working on some new tutorials soon. The weather has been stormy this week so the lighting for tutorials photos is yucky. Maybe I will figure out how to make video tutorials someday soon. Anybody got any tips on how to do that? Luckily there was a little break in the clouds so I could snap this photo. Baby is arriving this weekend so not sure how much that will slow me up. We are going in on Saturday to be induced. I can't beleive its time already! I am starting to get a little nervous about giving birth, having a newborn again, & how my youngest is going to react since she has been my baby for the last 4 years. I am sure I will be amazed by the grace that God will pour out on us during this time of amazing transition.
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  1. Oh my gosh, that is too stinkin' cute:)

    Good luck this weekend - hope all goes well & congrats on a new little one!

    Patti Beachy

  2. Really cute! Good luck on welcoming the newest little member of your family.


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