Friday, January 15

Last Nights Napkin ....

Todays project!! We had our monthly demonstrator stamp n chat last night & our wonderful hostess had these adorable napkins for us to "use". Well after having some yummy cookies on these cuties I dusted off the crumbs & brought them home. So today I was supposed to clean up my stamp space & then I saw the napkins on my desk & a heavy plastic bag from an undies purchase at Costco. I had thrown it out since it had the brand printed on the plastic but then I realized I could just cut the bag down past the printing & it came out the perfect size to fit a set of cards! I used the crop a dile to punch some holes for the handles then added the stitched felt & filigree brads. The napkins have 4 different images on them so I am hoping to get to finish up the set sometime before the baby arrives.
p.s. Tutorial coming soon!


  1. Mercedes,

    You are the coolest!
    I thought I was the only crazy gal hoarding packaging and beautiful napkins and here you are doing something wonderful with it all! I love this!

    Man, I want to live in your brain....
    you are creative squared!


  2. You rock!! Recycling napkins! That's how I started out as child in this craft. We didn't have the $$ to indulge in craft supplies, so I would use napkins and such for my projects. Love this scene!


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