Wednesday, January 6

Another Vintage Teaser

Well today I wasn't able to stamp at all. WAH!!! So all I have is another teaser photo for you. I spent the day getting some last minute things we need for when baby shows up. Since I have nothing from the others we are starting from scratch. Sorry reminds me of something funny my 5 year old said the other day. We were at the grocery store & she asked me "Who is scratch?" . I said "Scratch? What makes you say that?" Her response was "The other day you said Scratch made macaroni & cheese." No I said "Daddy made you macaroni & cheese from scratch". She said "Oh Ok. Who is scratch?". Tried to explain with out bursting out laughing but don't know if she got it. Anyway back to my day so after dropping enough cash to feed a small village on baby gear & other stuff I spent the rest of the day doing some much needed house cleaning. Unfortunately after a few hours my back seized up on me. So I didn't get done as much as I hoped. Hopefully tomorrow my back will be better & the "nesting" bug will bite me again. Since lately most days just getting out of bed is a struggle. I barely sleep at night anymore between horrible heartburn, severe back & hip pain, leg cramps, baby kicking, having to pee every 30 minutes, & just being plain uncomfortable. Oh the joys of pregnancy..... Ok now I sound like I am whining. Don't get me wrong I am SO grateful to have a healthy baby on the way I am just way ready to have her in my arms instead of in my body. Sorry thanks for listening to all my blah blah.

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  1. It's been MANY years, but I know what you are saying about those sleepless nights! I remember going into my nursery during the night, sitting in the rocker, and crying..."please just let the baby get here, and I'll stay up with him day and night"...I just wanted him in MY arms! It seems to take forever when you are pregnant! Otherwise, 9 months goes by in a heartbeat! ha
    I hope all went well, and the very best to you and your new little miracle! :D


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