Friday, August 22

It All Started With Project Life!

Happy Friday!
Today I am sharing a couple more samples that I created for the Convention display boards.

I don't know why but I really struggle with scrapbook pages & it is always a requirement for being a display stamper but when they told us that we were getting the Everyday Adventure journaling cards I was pretty excited! So I printed up some pictures & got to work...

This page was my favorite! I think it was because I love that picture of my hubby & my baby! Even though she is 4 now, she will always be our baby.

I was pretty excited about this one too. I felt pretty snazzy adding all that sewing to this page. I usually keep my stitching very limited as I struggle with keeping my lines straight but I did a pretty good job on this one!
Sad that Stampin Up owns every scrapbook page I have ever made & I say I will just recreate them but I never do...sigh. Oh well Someday, right? Lol!

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