Tuesday, April 8

Artisan Wednesday Wow

Welcome back! Well April is certainly in full swing & so is the crazy weather changes apparently. Last week I told you how stormy it was here & today it is over 80 degrees. Cray Zee! But I love the warm weather so I am certainly not complaining. Anyway lets take a look at a little eye candy...

Now true confession time- Maybe none of you can relate but I have quite the collection of "Someday" items, you know the ones your husband tries to throw away & your like "No wait I am going to do something with that." Well this basket came from my "Someday" pile! Just a cheapy dollar store find but I knew it could be something more "Someday". Now I have a pretty basket to hand out my Easter treats at my demo meeting this week. Yay!

I gave it a little paint job since I wanted a kind of white washed look & then dressed it up with the Burlap & Blooms Simply Created Wreath Kit! (item#133333)
My crafty daughter actually went a little crazy with this kit & she wanted to put together ALL the flowers by herself. She did a great job too!
Well before you go I wanted to share a photo of the sweet baby I photographed last week-

Yeah almost makes me want to have another one. If only they stayed this little.
Ok on to visit Alanna! 
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  1. Mercedes, this is absolutely adorable. I have one of those boxes full of someday stuff too!

  2. Great job on the photo!!! Love the basket.. my someday pile is way too big!

  3. This is beautiful, Mercedes! What a fabulous way to decorate that basket. It definitely doesn't look like a dollar store basket anymore! And that baby is precious! You are an excellent photographer.

  4. MERCEDES! ... I literally gasped when I saw this! It's beautiful! .. and so is this precious baby, you did a fabulous job of her photos!

  5. The level of how much I love this is almost embarrassing! I need this at my house immediately!! I'm finding me a little basket so I can make one (if I don't have one in my "someday" pile, I should!).


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