Saturday, August 3

Artisan Blog Hop Day 4

 Welcome back! Wasn't Jen scrapbook page pretty?!
Today I have a scrapbook page to share too!

My kids have never seen snow but on the way to the Salt Lake City Regionals there were some little patches on the side of the road & I didn't think it was enough for them to get excited about but I was so wrong! You would have thought they had just walked in to a winter wonderland! I loved creating this page! Its an 8x8 which is my favorite size! Cuz 12x12 just intimidates me...Lol!
Ok on to see Alannas awesome scrapbook page!

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  1. Love the clip over the one word part! Cute!

  2. Cute! I love the look on your little girls face! Priceless!

  3. So FUN! Your little are so cute!!!!

  4. SO cute! I love that you put the page on an angle... Adorable!

  5. Another fun page, Mercedes! Love the joy on her face!


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