Tuesday, August 6

Artisan Blog Hop Day 7

Did you see Jen's project?! She's so talented!!! Only 3 more projects to share after today, then the other 10 finalist will start their hop! Really excited about that too! Convention was so short and extra short for me since I had to leave early to make it back for my daughters dance recital....anyway my point was I didn't have a chance to see all of the projects well & I am glad they are being showcased on the hops! Ok on to my card for today...

I think this was the first card I created for the contest. The girls helped me with this one! I died each of the flowers individually with reinkers then #2 said "You should make them sparkly!". Oh how #2 loves her sparkles! So after thinking about it for a minute I thought, "Yes, Yes I Should!". We decided on using Dazzling Details & ended up painting it on most of the card! We all agreed it looked purdy!  Speaking of purdy...lets see what beautifulness Alanna has for us today!

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  1. I was totally drawn to this card on the boards! Love it!!!

  2. Ahhhh - great job dying that trim! Awesome!

  3. Pretty indeed! The colors on this are so lovely and the flowers are wonderful!

  4. Love this card. . . and "#2" was right about making it sparkly! I think it is so awesome you let your girls help :)

  5. Such a pretty card Mercedes! Love that your girls helped you and love glitter!

  6. Love the color choices. Beautiful card!


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