Wednesday, March 6

I wanted to thank you all again so much for all your comments, love, & prayers! I hope you all know that I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. The Lord has been so faithful through all of this. On Tuesday morning I hit a very low point I was crying uncontrollably & just had such an overwhelming sense of grief & hopelessness. I was here alone with the girls & I knew I couldn't let them see me like that. I tried to get myself together & I just couldn't. I cried out to the Lord to help me, to carry me, to comfort me, to strengthen me & He did all of those things! By the afternoon I was feeling better than I have felt in a while. He is so faithful to give us what we need when we ask. I also found a great blog & the that has continued to keep me strong in Him. Just being reminded of what His truth is & knowing that I can lean on His word & promises has helped me so much. I have been having to do the legal paper work that comes with this type of situation & I was having trouble finding a mobile notary & the Lord provided the perfect answer at just the right time as He always does. Just so happens a friend from church is a Notary! She was so sweet to help us get the forms done so I can help mom with her finances. So a huge Thank you to Teri & also Brittany & Jessica for coming as witnesses! Last night we got mom up & she walked farther than she has been able to since she was admitted! She was able to communicate a lot better too! The doctors are still trying to figure out what is causing the fever. They have taken samples & are trying to grow the bacteria to see what it is. I have been praying for the Lord to give them an answer. I know it's only when you need a miracle that you receive one & I am praying for one for my mom. I know that the Lord can heal & does heal so if it's His will I am praying that He will heal my mom. Whatever happens I know He will carry me through.
Ok how about seeing something pretty...
 Isn't it beautiful! My dear friend & downline Vicki made this for me! She knows I'm a sucker for anything vintage!
I hope to be back to share Bev's cute card tomorrow. =)
Anyway I have to get back to schooling the girls. ~Hugs


  1. Mercedes, I lost my mom 3 years ago and My dad passed away this year while I was at Leadership. SO, I feel your pain and I hope that your mom pulls through and they find out what is wrong before its too late. :(
    Both my parents I was extremely close to and now I am left with 2 empty holes where they belong in my life. They are now angels looking over me and I will pray for you that you dont have to feel this empty hole that I feel. HUGS. Betty

  2. I feel your mom, who has always been our rock, was diagnosed with a rapid terminal cancer right after Christmas. She is taking chemo, as a measure to buy more time, but we know each day is precious. My Mom always has this poem in her purse...The road we're on is twisted Lord, its end defies the view, teach us to take each step in faith and leave the rest to you. Prayers to you and your family as we take this journey.

  3. Sending hugs and prayers to you!, Linda


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