Sunday, March 10

I owe lots of Thank Yous!

I have had the envelopes addressed & ready for days now but finishing up the Thank You cards has been challenging. So I was happy to be able to complete a few over the last couple days! Since making a bunch of one card is just not my cup of tea I played with a variety of styles & supplies. Anyway here they are...

On another note... my mom might be able to come home tomorrow. She has had 3 days with no fever, her mental state has improved a bit & she has been walking a little better so she may get to come home instead of going to the skilled nursing facility. I picked up a walker, wheel chair, & a cane for her today so if she can come home we are ready. I am really praying that it will work out because she really wants to be home. It makes me sad to think of her alone in the hospital. Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers! ~Hugs

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  1. Hello, and this is good news regarding your beloved Mom...
    Enjoyed your latest creations...what papers did you use, embellishments, etc. Thanks so much, Dottie


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