Thursday, February 14

Best Ever!!

I had to share a bit. First off the last few weeks since my mom got sick have been extremely hard for us. From her condition she has started to develop dementia & it is so difficult to watch & makes caring for her even more difficult. Before she went in to the hospital she was sharp as a tack, now with in a few weeks she can't even remember how to dial a number on the phone. Yesterday we gave her some pastries to give to a friend she was going to be seeing & when she came home she gave the pastries to my girls & told them her friend had given them to her for them. The other day she caught something on fire trying to make eggs while I was in the shower. Luckily #2 was quick to act & no damage was done. She isn't eating much, having difficulty walking, falling, hallucinating, etc. As I said before it's been a roller coaster. I have developed stress related pain & stomach problems plus struggling with depression. I keep reminding myself that God will not put more on me than I can bear but at times it does feel like I just can't take anything else. I know that the Lord is my strength & He will always give me the grace to make it through but I'm just being honest about my feelings. Aside from dealing with mom I still have hubby, kids, homeschooling, housework, 2 businesses (SU & Pampered Chef), ....yeah so you get the picture. I am not complaining I am just telling you all this so you can understand how much what I am about to share means to me. Yesterday was one of the really bad days around here. So last night at 12:01 my hubby, who has been AMAZING through all of this, hands me a cute Starbucks card & says Happy Valentines Day! Aw so sweet right?! Then he says there is something else & points to the dining room, I'm thinking maybe he got me flowers or something so I go out & see this...
I seriously was breathless & speechless for a moment. Which NEVER happens!!! I know some of you may not "get it" but I have wanted one of these typewriters FOREVER! As you may or may not know I absolutely LOVE vintage things especially when I can use them in my photography or to display my cards. This was #1 on my list of things I would love to own someday but since you can't just run down & pick one up at Target or any old yard sale it has always been kind of just a dream of mine. So when I saw it sitting there it was...THE. BEST. GIFT. EVER!!! The fact that he just didn't get a card or flowers, which don't get me wrong, I would have totally appreciated but he thought so far beyond that. I know God is ultimately responsible for all of this & because my hubby is my angel here on earth he used him to give me one of the "desires of my heart" as the bible says. There aren't many tangible items that move from the "I want" category to a true desire of my heart but this for some reason was one of them. It was truly God showing me not only how immensly my husband loves & cares for me but how much He does too! Today was also pretty great. I got to spend the day out with my sweetheart & all 4 of our daughters! Anyway I just had to share that. I hope that if you are going through a difficult time that you will be reminded that through it all God loves you & he will bring you through. He is always faithful & has our best interest at heart even when we don't understand why things are going the way they are.
Ok before I go, here is the first card I got to photograph along side my beauty...
I made this card a couple weeks ago, actually the stamped image panel is a left over from the last swap I did. I added the adorable tiny hot air balloon from the Collage Curios set & the antique brad plus hand cut the black matting down a bit. The rest just came together as I went. I didn't have a clear vision when I started I just didn't want to waste the extra stamped image. Anyway it was the perfect card for this photograph!
Thanks for stopping by & hanging in there while I shared. Until next time...Hugs~ Mercedes


  1. My mom lived with me, husband and kids, then a grandchild for 16 years. The last 9 months were caring for her during her battle with cancer. My husband was as thoughtful and wonderful as yours. Somedays, that's what you need to make it through. I never dealt with memory issues with my mom, but have with close friends. It is so frustrating and painful to watch. Our town has some wonderful daytime activities that help families care for their parents. I hope you can get some help/relief for you and your family. You've got a lot on your plate right now. Your faith is a wonderful blessing, hold tight to God and His words.

    Thou hath put gladness in my heart psalm 4:7

    Hugs Peggy

  2. What a great, great husband. I totally appreciat and 'get' that!!

    Best of luck to you as you carry on with your mother. It's something many of us are facing, sadly. Many prayers coming your way for YOU and yoru family.

    Take care,

  3. May God richly bless you and your family as you face this challenge. You are glorifying the Lord each and every day. What a wonderful example you are to your children too.

  4. WHAT A WONDERFUL CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOVE your CREATIVITY!!!!!!!! :) AND your Valentines Gift!!!!!!! :)

  5. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. You do have a lot on your plate but you still manage to produce beautifuly cards! You do have an Angel of a hubby, as do I. So let's love them forever! Hang in there. (the other Mercedes aka Mercy)

  6. What a great gift from your angel here on earth! Yes, God does love us and our faith in Him keeps us going sometimes when nothing else can. Keep hold of God's hand and He will guide you through. Many prayers coming your way! You are truly blessed to have your Mom and be able to care for her. . . what a great way to honor your Mother.
    Take care!
    Goodly Creations

  7. Oh that typewriter is WAY COOL. I have an old vintage typewriter but it is not nearly as awesome as yours--your husband is a catch! Your card is breath taking!
    Smiles, Elizabeth


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