Monday, December 5

It's On!!

Had to quickly share today's success!
After todays bath she let me put the top on AND it fit!! Again I have no idea what I'm doing so I pretty much was winging it with this. I am sure this not the proper way to make this dress but it I think it worked! I started by measuring her around her tummy & chest. Then I measured to see how long I needed the top to be & I measured around her shoulder for strap length. I cut 2 long strips of fabric, one for the top & one for the ruffled bottom. The bottom one I cut about 12 x 26 to allow for gathering. Top was about 4 x 22. I sewed a gathering stitch across the bottom one, then stitched the two short ends together to make a tube, then gathered it to fit the top piece. I sewed the top one the same minus the gathering stitch. Then I sewed the top & the bottom together matching up the seams of course. So this is basically like a tube top I guess. Last I added the straps & embelishments. I had the seamed edges run along one side under her arm so they aren't that noticeable. I paired it with a white long sleeve onsie, brown leggings, matching hair pretties & she looks SOOO cute! Getting her to stay still to take a picture was just not happening. She was actually jumping on the bed in this photo!
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