Sunday, December 4

Big Shot Purse!

If you have been reading my blog you will know my hubby (a.k.a. My Hero) taught me how to sew a couple weeks ago & I have been working really hard to get it down. It's been fun & frustrating at the same time. My goal is to feel comfortable & confident with simple sewing projects but I think it's gonna be awhile! I'm shooting for by next Christmas....I hope! Anyway my card making time has turned in to my practice sewing time so I don't have a card to share but I do have this cute little purse! We had a handmade gift exchange at our last demo meeting & I was determined to make something with my sewing machine & my favorite SU fabric! I even made it from my own pattern so I was quite happy with how it turned out! It got a little hairy there for a minute but it all came together in the end. My sweet friend Lynda won this & I really hope she likes it, flaws & all. LOL! Since I made this purse my girls have been begging me to make them one too. So far my sewing adventure has been:
1. Making a dress for the baby, that she won't even try on. She cries every time I even show it to her. Its not that bad geesh.
2. Attempting a fleece jumper for baby. FAIL!
3. Making 3 of those cute Spice Cake drawstring bags!
4. Making my 5 year old a "sleeping bag" for her doggies. My girls like little doggies instead of dolls. They carry these things everywhere! They are similar to the size of beanie babies & they have a ton of them, all different breeds. Anyway on to #5
5. Made my 17 year old a fleece beanie. Actually made 2 because the first one she said was too short. Her sisters were glad to take it off her hands.
6. Made proto type handbag. Cute but didn't love it. My 5 year old claimed it for a dog purse.
7. Made little black purse shown above. Pretty Cute!
8. Made 6 year old her own handbag, mixing some elements from the first proto type, little black purse pattern, & her special request of extra long straps so it could go over her head. She loved it & so did I!
9. Made a top for baby out of this adorable corduroy print. Again she refuses to try it on. Hubby says it just bad timing. So I will try after tomorrows bath. If I get it on I'll try to snap a picture to share with you.
Well friends thanks for sharing in my adventures. Stay tuned because tomorrow THE BOX ARRIVES!!!!!!!! Yes that's right BRAND SPANKIN NEW SU PRE ORDER PRODUCTS!

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  1. Love your bag. Great going, and I am a sewer. Looks fab to me.


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