Sunday, September 28

Mickey Rosettes

Just had to share really quick...
So when I made my Frightful Wreath instead of using the giant rosette I cut it up to make 4.

To do that you will cut the long strip down the middle where the hole for hanging it is located. Then you will cut each of those long strips at 2 inches the long way so down the entire length. You will end up with 2 strips that are wider than the other 2 so when you assemble them you will have 2 sizes. Next I punched a couple of circle of black cardstock to use as the base for my blob of hot glue and assembled the rosettes as I normally would. Hope that makes sense.
Well at my wreath class one of my friends loves Disney so I suggested that she make the rosettes in to a Mickey head! I was bummed because I had already assembled my wreath so I couldn't try it on my own then I remembered the Motley Monster DSP had an orange striped pattern!

I downloaded the Disney font & printed the Happy Halloween. I thought it came out pretty cute!


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