Friday, July 11

Quick & Cute- Swap

Well friends CONVENTION is right around the corner & I am sure many of you are busy little beavers getting things ready to go. Its been crazy here too & my house pretty much looks like a bomb went off. Hopefully I can get it all sorted out before I head out to Salt Lake City. Anyway this really was going to be a short post as I just wanted to share a video I made of one of my swap cards...if you are in the Display Stampers Swap & want to be surprised STOP reading now. Lol!

Just in case some swappers did want to be surprised, I will update this post with the photos of these cards after we swap next week. Thanks for taking a peek! Hope to see you in SLC!

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  1. I really like this card. So very pretty. Thank you for doing this great video"


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