Tuesday, June 10

Artisan Wednesday Wow- Be Inspired

Welcome! Hope you are finding lots of inspiration along your way through the hop today!
This month has been bittersweet for the Team as we received our very last box of goodies & realize that our reign as Artisan Team members is coming to an end soon. We are sad yet grateful that not only have we been able to represent Stampin Up & share fun projects with you every week but we also got to make amazing friendships with each other. We have all probably crossed the TMI border more times than we would like to admit but we have also laughed til our stomachs hurt, been there for emotional support through rough times, given encouragement, & strengthened each other in so many ways.  I can truly say I am a better person because I have been part of this group & I can't express my love, appreciation, & respect for each of them enough! 
Ok, Ok, I'll stop...How about we talk about something super exciting! The 2014-2015 Catalog! Holy Cow! It's almost worse than Pinterest for as much time as I spend drooling over the amazing creation in there! Well whenever a new catalog comes out I really enjoy getting together with my downline & doing a "Catty Case Night". We usually pick out 4 or 5 cards we would like to case & have a fun evening creating, chatting, & snacking...what? You know there can be no stamping with out food involved! Anyway it was on this night that I decided to modify one of the cards I saw in the catalog-
Yes that little beauty on page 127. I wanted to make it note card size because I'm kinda addicted to those right now & it had more green than I prefer so those were my main changes.

So the reason I share this with you is to inspire you to Be Inspired! Find elements or things you like & incorporate them in to your design. This is what I did when I started stamping almost 10 years ago. I copied things I liked until I found my own style. Sometimes its overwhelming to start from scratch when you feel like your mojo has left the building...trust me, I know! The only thing to remember is out of respect for those sharing their art with you, give proper credit to those that inspire you. Following that principle-My card was inspired by the SU Concept Artist that created the card on pg 127.  Now lets head over to see a friend that inspires me in so many ways, the amazing Alanna Wharf!





  1. Love all the sweet pieces of your card.

  2. I couldn't agree more. You can't create without food.

    And honestly. I love this card. I would love it even more if I saw its mini size.... Diez.. Eyes... Lies..

    Wait now. I am in a silly mood. You are too sweet. We love you!!! And I couldn't agree more. Pretty special bunch, aren't we?

  3. Mercedes, I couldn't agree more...I love you guys with all my heart!

    If you were gonna pick one card from the new catty to CASE, then you chose wisely...it is beautiful and you definitely gave it the Mercedes-touch! Gorgeous!

  4. Aw, Mercedes, you are making me cry, and laugh, and. . . making me feel very grateful I got to be a part of this amazing team too! Love you forever! Yes, you are stuck with me now. . . I will continue to blog stalk you. . .

  5. Perfect card, perfectly wonderful CASE and a perfect example!!! Love you Mercedes. What a joy it has been to get to know you and to be on the team with you. Bonding with this amazing group has been the best "prize" of all!!!

  6. Love this! I love that you used pretty much every stamp and each has its own color, but it doesn't ever get muddled or look busy. Well done, you! It's GORG!

  7. Ooo la la!! This card is so FANCY!! I adore the color combo and all the little details. And, I don't think I've ever told you before but I love your blog design! It's so clean and soothing. :-) (PS- Got the wood blocks... you are literally a LIFE SAVER!! Thanks again!!!)

  8. This is BEAUTIFUL! You always make such gorgeous cards. Thanks for inspiring me again!!!

  9. WOW! Love the colors, love the stamps, love the layout! Super cute Mercedes!


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