Tuesday, May 6

Artisan Wednesday Wow

Welcome back! Can't believe May is already here! This week you will definitely see a theme on each stop of the hop & just in case you haven't figured it out yet it's Project Life ® by Stampin Up ®!

Now I must have been hiding under a rock for the last couple years because I was not hip to what PL was all about. I knew it had something to do with scrapbooking & I immediately tuned out cause #1 I don't scrapbook & #2 Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat!...around here anyway. BUT when SU announced it my interest was peaked...so what was the deal with this "Project Life" anyway and if SU is getting behind it then maybe it's worth checking out. Luckily for me I didn't have to wait long to see what the hype was all about since our Artisan boxes this month were stuffed with PL products! As soon as I opened the adorable little box of journaling cards I started thinking about all the cute cards I could make because lets face it "I'm a Card Maker not a Scrapbooker." I wish I was uber talented like...oh lets just say-Cathy Caines- who can crank out amazing scrapbook pages like nobody's business but truthfully I may break out in a cold sweat when I have to do scrapbook pages! So for those of you that is just comes naturally too, I am so JELLY! OK back to PL & how I am hoping it will change my scrapbooking life...In theory I love the idea of documenting things for my kids. I feel so bad when they ask me those "What did I do when I was 2" questions & Im like uh uh...hey look your friends are at the door. Yeah my memory is THAT bad. Sad really. BUT maybe just maybe is it possible that PL can change all that? How about we look at my very first attempt at documenting a piece of our lives- 

I think minus the fact that I stamped April 27th instead of 26th its pretty successful! Its almost like making little cards so that really cuts out the stress factor for me. And you can embellish as much or as little as you want & the lay out is already there so its pretty much a No Brainer-Just like me sometimes. Lol! Here are some close ups of my pockets...

(My four year old came up with that smiley face using the PL corner rounder!!!)

So is there hope for this "Card Maker"? Can I really maintain a record of our family's life without having a panic attack & spending a bazillon hours doing it? With PL-I think so!
Now lets go take a peek at whats going on in Miss Alanna's "Life"~ 



  1. Mercedes, you nailed it! This layout is great...you're a natural at PL!

  2. BAHAHAHA. From the looks of things I have bad news for you. You are WELL on your way to documenting perfect scrapbook pages. You journalled like nobodys business.. in a cool way no less. Soooo... look out world, I say!! You are awesome!!

  3. Love your PL page AND your smiley faces. LOVE!

  4. All that sunshine yellow on this page made me happy and smile! :) Great page!

  5. Your page is AWESOME! Great colors and extras. I bet your kids could help you have some fun with PL!

  6. Mercedes my dear, you are a PL natural! You totally rocked this!

  7. Oh Mercedes, you make me laugh.. you are such a funny writer! .. and I totally relate to 'look your friends are at the door' cuz my memory is the PITS! I'm excited to see if PL will help me be successful at documenting life! Please tell your 4 yr old that I love her smiley faces...she is brilliant.. just liker her Momma!


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