Tuesday, January 28

Artisan Wednesday Wow

Welcome back to another week of inspiration from the Artisan Design Team!

Good News I survived the Minion Mayhem! But before I get in to that, thought I better show you my projects first...

I really jumped on the Gold bandwagon with these & I think they are so pretty!

And who can resist matching gold wrapped chocolates...mmmmm.
If you would like to skip the story about our crazy party feel free to hop straight over to visit the fabulous Alanna Wharf!

If not then here goes....
As you might remember from last week, our girls party theme this year was Despicable Me. Every year they have some kind of  "character" come do face painting or whatever but this year I thought it would be awesome to create our own "character". So I spent a week painstakingly creating a minion costume! I used a couple recycled Stampin Up boxes, fleece, batting, my sewing machine, duct tape, & hot glue. The Big Shot came in super handy too! It really turned out fabulous & I absolutely could not wait for the kids to see it! My daughter, Cami, was my helper and she was the perfect size to for the costume plus it just fit her personality so well. Of course we needed Gru to make an appearance too so we recruited my hubby for that. As they walked in we played the Despicable Me song, it was pretty awesome!
Here is a picture of them-

Everyone LOVED them but the minion really was the star especially when she started dancing! It was hilarious! Here is a tiny clip of it-

I set up a little photo op area & took a picture of each guest with the minion & Gru. Here is the one with all my kiddos...
 My oldest daughter did the face painting, which was actually face tattoos I found at the dollar store, each guest made a minion hat, & we even made PX41 purple punch which was actually pretty yummy!  It was the best party we have had, that's for sure!


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  1. Mercedes, love all the gold...gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! Love the use of the tag topper punch in the card. . . so clever!

  3. Mercedes - Love the photos of the Despicable Me party! You're building great memories for your girls. Being the mom of 4 now grown-up kids (Wow, where did the time go?) I know that events like this will be the thing that they fondly look back on together. It strengthens their bond to each other even as adults.

    I know you were probably exhausted afterwards but trust me it is totally something worth being tired over.

    You go girl!

    LynnRae Dupree

  4. You have to win Mom of the Year with this party theme. Awesome job on the costumes. I'm sure every kid and adult there had a great time. I know I would have. We love those movies especially #2.


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