Thursday, September 13

Finally Got MDS2!

So excited! I had to share the first 12 x 12 I made in MDS2! I say "made" lightly as all I really did was alter a pre made design I got on the Eventful Year MDS disc. I love that they have already done most of the work for me & I can just drag & drop!!!

This is #3 last year on her B day morning! I always decorate the night before so when they get up they feel special. I didn't realize how much it meant to them until my birthday & they got up & asked where were the decorations? I'll be sure to decorate for my own birthday next time. LOL! This page was stinkin cute & easy all I had to do was add the text & delete a few photo boxes. Now that I've got MDS2 I hope to start scrapbooking more. They are growing so fast & it will be nice for us all to have these precious moments captured forever in a beautiful book!

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