Sunday, July 1

SAS Cards 2 & 3

Oh My! This week has been extra crazy! We completely demoed our backyard & when I say we I mean my hubby while I supervised & played water girl. LOL! We had a big deck in the back & a few weeks ago we found a bunch of places where it was totally rotted. My hubby took of 3 days because we were going to go somewhere to celebrate our 8th anniversary but instead he had to spend the days ripping up the backyard. He's been sweatin like a pig, poor guy! Anyway my To Do list is out of control as well with Convention coming up so fast. I was invited to join the other Artisan Finalist in a wow swap. Talk about pressure! Making 25 regular swaps about kills me just thinking about 25 "wow" swaps with a group of the best SU stampers around makes my head spin!!! I still need to do my last tutorial for the next round of U Stamp, 100+ regular convention swaps, 30 swaps for the QC swap group, a gift for my roommate & buddy Steph, plus all the samples for my upcoming classes. Not to mention taking care of all the regular mommy/wifey duties. I feel like i'm barely treading water here. Ok enough about my drama here are 2 more Stamp a Stack cards for the July 14th class!

This one was pretty much cased from a beautiful swap card I received by Laurie Zoellmer.

This one is cased from a couple cards I made recently.  =)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. both cards are gorgeous! as for convention, I;m not able to go this year & don't miss all the hype we put ourselves into to get there; I love the swaps I designed & to me, that was, by far, the best

  2. These are beautiful cards. I love your style.

  3. Hi Mercedes! Thanks for the "shout out" on the swap card ;) Your version turned out beauuuutiful! So happy you found some inspiration from it, and for the record, I'm ALWAYS inspired by your creativity ;)
    Happy Stamping!


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