Monday, June 4

Lots Going on...

Sorry I've been MIA but its been a roller coaster ride around here. I was planning on posting last week but I had a crazy allergic reaction to some face stuff I put on & I have been looking a lot like this...

NOT fun! Seems to be getting worse by the day. It feels like the time my whole face was covered in poison oak. I went to the doctor today & they gave me some cream to put on it so hopefully it starts working soon. Anyway I do have some good news & the card from last week to share. The good news is my Artisan entry made it to SU on time!

We made this card at last weeks get together. This is a case from the SU website. I thought the card was so cute & it was a quickie too! Anyway thanks for taking a peek today. I hope to be feeling better & blogging more soon.

Almost forgot the other good news!!! The 2012-2013 catalog is live! Click here to see it!

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  1. Holy cow, how scary! Have you had allergic reactions like that before? Hope you're feeling better.

    Love the cute card!


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