Friday, April 20

Disney or bust!

Well its been a busy busy week! We leave this weekend for Disneyland & we are SO excited! I have been swamped with the regular busyness of life, upcoming vacation prep, PLUS making the girls each a costume. Yes I know "WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!!" I can barely make a dress for the baby let alone a full blown princess costume. I guess the excitement of thinking about seeing them in a costume next to the characters gave me temporary brain damage. But once the girls gave their requests & we bought the fabric there was no turning back. So on to conquer Belle, Alice in Wonderland, & Snow White! The first two went ok but Snow White almost had me in tears. Seriously! My daughter is like. She wants things the way she wants them. (Good thing I wasn't going by a pattern...sheesh) But adding in her modifications to an already complicated costume was challenging but I'm happy to say It is Done & She is Happy!
Alice came out with the least mistakes, Belle looks more like a gold Cinderella, & Snow White has a ton of errors but they are mostly covered by the red cape. Anyway I will share photos of my little princesses after the trip. For now I have a few cards to share...
I wanted to make a set of cards for my SIL's birthday gift so I had these cards play double duty as samples for my Technique Tuesday gals. We were making envelopes so they got to choose any dsp from the Everyday Enchantment pack (moment of silence for the loss of that dsp, LOL!) & make a card with coordinating envelope! They all came out so Beautiful!
Well my five minute break is over & its back to the grind! Hopefully I'll be able to check in from the happiest place on earth but if not I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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