Thursday, February 9

Because I Care....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that what I am about to share is extremely personal & I am only sharing it so that maybe it will help someone out there so please be sensitive to that & if you have a negative comment or judgement please keep it to yourself. ALSO be warned some information is extremely disturbing & graphic.

First let me start by saying we all have to have ways to cope with stress, emotional pain, & traumatic life experiences. Some are not healthy like drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, hurting others, reckless behavior, etc.. Some of us haven't learned healthy ways to deal with hurt, maybe we had bad role models growing up or just not enough instruction on what to do with anger & painful emotions. I beleive this generation is facing more attacks than ever before. No value for human life, broken homes, judgement, physical, sexual, & emotional abuse, stero types, bullying, peer pressure, low self esteem, & many other things. We have taught them that when things are uncomfortable we find ways to escape...drugs, alcohol, divorce, abortion, suicide, etc.. There is no moral compass for most so it's kind of a free for all. We have taught them that their self worth is found in looks, money, popularity, academics, social status, success, & possessions instead of the truth that they are precious, beautiful, talented, valuable, & so very loved no matter what they look like or what they ever accomplish. WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE MESSAGES OUR KIDS ARE GETTING!

I don't know how many people are aware of something young people are doing called "cutting". A lot of the time it is how they are coping with deep emotional pain, trauma, & self esteem issues. The brain release endorphins which produces a natural high & they do this so they can escape the emotional issues & focus on the physical pain. It is also a way for them to feel in control since many of them are in situations that they feel they have no control over. I wanted to understand why this is happening so I started to research it & I found alot of info. I also wanted to find out what these kids are going through & what exactly they are doing to themselves. WARNING!!! This video is EXTREMELY graphic but to understand the pain of this disorder it was necesary for me to watch it. {I'll cut myself to DEATH before you realize you should hug me} This article was very helpful to get an inside view of why these kids are doing this since it was quotes from them, to read it {Click Here} . This site also has many articles on helping them stop this dangerous behavior. Alot of times it is hard to know if your friend or loved one is doing this because they cut in places that will be covered by their clothing.
What I noticed from the comments was that the LOVE of someone who cared is what helped many of them stop. In this world where everyone is so busy & self centered we have lost the desire to truly care for one another & to express our love to others regularly. TELL the ones you love how much they mean to you. SHOW them you care. GIVE them your time. Life is so short don't waste it being too busy for the ones you love most. Treat everyone with kindness. Understand that everyone is hurting in some way & do what you can to help them instead of adding to their pain. You will be surprised what just a simple smile or compliment can do for someone that is hurting. Always remember WORDS can hurt more than any physical pain. Words can also help bring healing so choose your words carefully, especially when talking to those you love. I can still remember hurtful things that were said to me by loved ones as a little girl & I am sure we all can relate.
If you or someone you know is suffering please know that no matter how you feel reach out to someone, don't suffer in silence. THERE IS HOPE & someone LOVES you!
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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes all anyone wants is to feel loved or needed.

  2. Thank you for your words...the whole world needs to think like that. I love your blog and your work is beautiful.. keep on.. you've blessed my day. I had to share your words on FB, hope you don't mind.


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