Wednesday, January 11

Whats Up Wednesday!

Well it's now offically one week before Leadership! Next Wednesday I will be up before dawn to head off to San Antonio! I can't beleive it has come so fast. I am so extremely grateful to be going with my dear friend Lynda! Anyway lets talk about what's been going on this week. Today I got to have lunch with my sweetie, which is very rare, & I took my kids to their favorite park. =)
This week (meaning Wednesday to Wednesday) seems to have passed by at warp speed! I finished up my U Stamp tutorials, went shopping for a few home improvement items (really looking forward to getting those done), still wiping runny noses, wish I had got some swaps done for Leadership but just didn't make any great accomplishments in that area, also wish I had gotten more organizing done but that didn't happen too much either.
Reading Mathew 7 & getting some deep revelation on some things, actually feels more like open heart surgery. I may share more about that later. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a beautiful site, love your work and am so glad I found you! Stampin Hugs


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