Tuesday, May 18

Clearing 'Em Out!

I have been trying to clear out a bin I have full of pre cut cards from old workshops. I always cut a couple extra or have someone not show up & it took me 4 years to realize putting the extras in the "I'll finish them later" bin was a really bad idea. Like I am really going to drag all that stuff out again...NOT! So now if there are extras I stamp them at the workshop! Then I can give them to the hostess or bring them home ready to use. But anyway back to the ridiculous bin I have to clear out. Most of the kits don't have the original samples so I have to redesign the cards, which is good because we ARE talking about some cards I designed when I first started stamping YIKES!! This kit just had the Spring Flowers DSP & the card base so I thought whatever the original was it must have been very um...minimal? So I went with super simple. Used the Birds & Bloom die, I really need to use that more often its so cute!


  1. Just love this :D Fabulous flower and card!

  2. That's funny because I do the same thing- keep all those precut pieces together but don't ever think to do them (or rarely) until they are so old, faded, samples missing, dated, whatever. I might do the same as you- just redesign them! Great card, BTW!

  3. So happy! Love this cheery card!


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