Thursday, April 22

Cards & Candles Class

Apr 30 7:00 - 9:00
We will be using the gorgeous set Watercolor Trio to create beautiful notecards, matching handstamped candle, & flower tealight! This fabulous gift set is sure to touch the heart of the receiver! Plus you will also be making a set of notecards for yourself!
Class Fee $15 RSVP by April 28th

Gift set will include envelopes, clear gift box, & gift bag!

I only have 4 spots left for this class so RSVP today!


  1. What a fabulous idea. The cards and candle are gorgeous :D That set is calling my name loud and clear LOL!

  2. beautiful simple! My stamp set is on it's way and I can't wait to get it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. WOW, what a fabulous idea and great job on the idea of it...packaging and everything! Hope your class goes well! :)

  4. Hello Mercedes! I am inspired by your blog! You have been awarded the "Sunshine Award". You may go to my blog at to pick up your award.
    I wish you a great day!

  5. OK, I'm back (Same Crystal as above, lol) I came back b/c I so enjoy your work, and wanted to award you THIS! :)

  6. What a lovely set of cards! I can't wait to get Watercolor Trio!


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