Sunday, February 14

Robo Love

I had the Lots of Bots set out after making my nephews birthday card & my hubby liked the robots so much I used one for his Valentine cupcake topper. Since I bought the cupcakes I wanted to spice them up with a little something handmade. Hope everyone is having a Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. I have spent the last 30minutes or more looking through your blog and I am loving so many of your adorable cards and projects. I am so happy I found your blog and congrats on your sweet baby girl. I had a boy that was 9 lbs 15 oz but thankfully I didn't have the complications you did. I am very glad that you are ok and your precious baby girl is doing well. LOVE the cupcake topper. I asked in another post how you made your shimmer mist. My email is if you could drop me a line sometime. Thanks so much.


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