Monday, September 28

Fun with Napkins!!

Yes I was entertained for hours the other day by a few simple napkins! I had so much fun I can't wait to have you over so I can teach you how to create amazing projects out of napkins!! We have all had or been to parties that had pretty themed napkins. Sometimes they are so beautiful I feel guilty wiping my hands on them. Here are the class details:

Friday October 23rd 7pm
My House
Class Fee$12
Please bring your adhesive
RSVP by Oct 16
You will make a Thanksgiving card, tile coaster (in choice of fall or Christmas pattern) , & an ornament

With the holidays coming up I am sure you will see your share of pretty napkins while party hopping so be sure to take home a couple! Its a great way to make a thank you card for your host & beautiful gifts for friends! Also a great way to make thank you's with left over napkins from your kids birthday parties....Oh the possibilities......


  1. While I would love to get to Northern Cal. (from Texas) for your class, it just isn't going to happen but I would love to know how you are going to use the napkins for a project. Will you share a tutorial with your followers. Thanks so much.

  2. Me too, Me too! I'm in Utah and I'm dying to know how you made the tile coasters. They are so Pretty. If you're willing to share the directions, email them to
    Thanks so much!

  3. I would love to see directions for these napkin projects also. What a great way to spice up a hand-made gift! My email is Thanks!

  4. Sorry I will not be able to attend


  5. Sounds like a really fun workshop. I have a friend who wants to come too. So please count us in!!


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