Tuesday, March 10

Kids say the funniest things....

This morning my 4 year old comes over & says "Does my make up look pretty? Grandma bought me cheek lash & it's pink & sparkly!". Cheek Lash??? Ah yes I see it!

I guess my mom bought her some blush. Don't know how she got "Cheek Lash" from blush but it was so funny. My 4 year old is a super girly girl! She loves make up, lotion, perfume, purses, pink & anything sparkly. She is also my little smarty pants. She rarely gets words wrong & she has spoken in full sentences since before she was 3. So that makes it funnier when she says stuff like "cheek lash". Anyway I used her love of all things sparkly to make a little card using my new goodies! I have been drooling over the new Occassions mini catalog for a couple weeks & when the brown truck arrived yesterday I about did a back flip! Praise the Lord I didn't try or the girls would have had to call 911. Then I would have been in the ER instead of my stamping room! So enough of my ramblings here is the 3x3 card I made using the new Great Friend set, Summer Love rub ons, & Walk in the Park designer paper.

This little card makes me think of spring & I sooo can not wait for some 70 degree days! I think it was like 38 degrees this morning. Yikes! So much for living in California. Well thanks for stopping by today!

Be Blessed,


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