Friday, January 23

Punch Art Book

I have finally decided to start putting my punch art in the book I bought months ago. But after just one page my ADD kicks in & I get distracted doing something else. LOL! So I guess for today this is all I have to share with you. I saw a cute punch flamingo idea by Danee Hoang & I just had to make one. I made a couple changes to make it more my style & I think it is my favorite punch art piece so far. What do you think? I also made a palm tree using the 5 petal punch.
Flamingo uses:
Large Oval
Small Oval
Scallop Circle
3/4" Circle
Boho Blossoms
Word Window
Double Circle

Now on a personal note...
I shared a couple weeks back about some personal stuff I was going through & I wanted to give you all an update. As the days past & I continued to pray about the situation God revealed some very cool stuff to me...I was at church that Sunday & we were singing the song Mighty to Save by Hillsong, an AMAZING song by the way, and God really started to speak to me through that song. I was singing these lyrics: "Everyone needs Compassion, a Love thats never failing, let Mercy fall on me, everyone needs Forgiveness, the Kindness of the Saviour" & God revealed to me a crazy thing. What I had gone through had nothing to do with the other person or what had happened it was all about me. How would I react, would I choose to be more like Christ or revert back to my old ways. Would I lash out in hurt or would I choose to extend compassion, love, mercy, forgiveness, & kindness as Christ would & has poured on me. I knew at that moment I had chose the right way to respond & I felt God really speak to my spirit & say "Well Done". I have been going around the same stupid mountain for so long it was amazing to finally get it right! I am so glad that God is so faithful & patient with us. He will give us "second chances" a millon times over until we finally get it right. I know we all have those "mountains" or areas where we really struggle to become more like Christ. I really struggle with keeping my mouth shut & listening for the Holy Sprit to speak to me so I can say what He would want me to say instead of something that is rooted in my hurt or anger. In this sitaution I didn't hear anything so I just stayed quiet & silently prayed. Kind of like the old saying "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything". I know God will continue to work with me on this area but it was nice to see that I am making progress. Praise the Lord!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Smiles & Blessings,

p.s. I have been praying for all who left comments so if you could send me an update I would appreciate it.
Hillary M.~ I pray Romans 1:16 over you!
Sue~ I have been praying God's protection, strength, healing, & joy for Ellen & her precious baby.
Ellie~I have been praying for Garrett & his family. Ellie has updated me that Garrett has went home to be with Jesus & I continue to pray for his family. Please include them in your prayers also.
Chris in Calgary~ Praying that you will trust in the Lord as He brings you through. He always has a plan. I pray that you continue to walk in love & be rooted in Christ.


  1. Amen to that! Glad to hear you listened for God's voice & responded. Keep the joy in your heart & don't let anyone take it away - we are His children & greatly loved!

  2. Wow Mercedes, We met several years ago at a Stamp and Chat. I was a friend of F.C. and I am not sure that you remember me but anyway, I too have been going through something with a friend and keep wanting to point the finger but after considering the words of Mighty to Save (which we are singing this Sunday in church) I too realize that a lot of the problem is me. Everyone does need compassion, a love that is not failing, forgiveness, and if God can take me as I am with all my fears and failures and fill me again then I am called to listen and obey what He has to say. I too, need to stop talking all the time and listen to God more. Thanks for sharing...I read your blog frequently and your testimony today was for me!

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling better after your "talk with God". It's crazy how if we stop to listen we can hear him.

    Oh--and I LOVE the flamingo.

  4. Thank you for praying for Ellen. She went to the Dr. and the baby is doing well and the heartbeat is strong. She had a lump on her left breast and we were very worried. She had an ultrasound and the radiologist felt it wasn't anything to worry about, PTL!! Then this past Thursday she saw her Dr. again and she could not find the lump!!! It is GONE!!! Thank you for your prayers.
    since I asked for prayers for Ellen, my MIL went through breast cancer surgery and they got it all!! My husband has decided to retire!! Another big praise because they work him too hard and my grandson was rushed to ER with the groop and difficulty breathing and he is much better. God is so good!!!

  5. WOW Mercedes!! I LOVE this song as well, and the words are soooo appropriate for me as well. COMPASSION - yeah, especially at the times I want to open my mouth and jump right in, "doing God's work" for Him! The times I keep still & wait for God to do His work, are the times things work out so much better. There's not so much apologising for me to do! Thanks for sharing - I'm really loving reading through your blog, and am looking forward to checking out your updates regularly!
    God bless!

  6. Thank you Mercedes, for being so real & transparrent. A friend send me an email to day saying I should check out your site. !st thing I noticed was your bible verse at the bottom, VERY cool. Then as I looked through your blog (LOVING your work - God has really blessed you with talent!!!) I found this more "peronsonal" note. And again, I must say thank you for sharing your heart, sharing what HE is doing in your life. Wow. I don't see spiritually inspring stuff like this often on creative blog least not the ones I run in to often. Anyway, thank you, and may Jesus keep blessing you! Look forward to meeting you in heaven some I live in Vancouver, WA and probably won't get to meet you til then. :)


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