Thursday, January 28

10 little toes...

Baby update:
GLORY TO GOD!! Yesterday her weight was down to 7 lbs 15oz more than the average 10% newborn loss & blood work showed her jaundice level was up to 13 from 9.8. Today she was 8.5 lbs (babies usually gain 1oz or less per day, she gained 6ozs!)& the jaundice color looked so much better they didn't need to test!! So grateful the Lord has healed her & had mercy on me so I didn't have to take her for the blood work. On the way home from the hospital I was praising God & got an impression of God's ear being turned toward baby Logan. I felt like He was telling me that He was paying special attention to the intercession that was taking place on her behalf. So a BIG Thank You to everyone that has covered her in prayer! We are so thankful for you & pray God's abundant blessings on you!


  1. OH Praise be to God :) so happy to hear those wonderful news! ((HUGS))

  2. So glad baby Logan's doing so much better! Glad too, that the Lord has turned His ear to our prayers for her! Blessings on you all. Love those tiny toes!

  3. Aw, so happy for you! Glad to hear that your prayers were answered in a positive way! :) What a blessing...


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