Thursday, January 10

Update & a Valentine

Well first let me share a little about whats been going on in my world...this week has been full of frantic stamping, little sick kids, & my mom almost losing her life...yeah like seriously. So I will start in that order like I said a couple posts ago I had to get my 60+ swaps out like asap, in between dealing with #4's fever & wiping her nose every 5 seconds. Of course when she is sick all she really wants to do is have me hold her 24-7...which I love to do but it makes it very difficult to get ANYTHING else done. #3 was also sick but she is easier to take care of & having her on my lap is like having a Labrador trying to be a lap dog. She wasn't as sick as #4 either. Then my mom started not feeling well (not the same sickness). She has been having health issue for awhile but it got really bad & we had to take her to the ER. They admitted her & the next morning the doctor instructed us to call the family to visit since things looked pretty bad for her. While I was doing that they took her to the O.R. I got all the girls packed up & headed over. Thankfully & prayerfully when I got there they said things weren't as bad as they thought so she may survive. Something about blood vessels had not ruptured as they previously thought. The doctor thinks she may be able to prolong her life with the proper treatments & a very strict healthy lifestyle, other wise he says her life expectancy is less than a year. Oh My Gosh...Nothing like a good slap of reality. My mom lives with us & has since I had #2, they are like 2 peas in a pod, seriously! All my girls are really close to her but if  my mom goes out of town #2 is crying & telling us she misses grandma until the day she returns. In comparison if I go out of town its like "Ok bye Mom". My heart was breaking not just for the thought of losing my mom but having to tell #2 & the other girls...anyway so far mom is stable. I also have to thank my incredible husband who sometimes I swear is my guardian angel. To say he is a blessing from God which I so do not deserve is an understatement. While I took care of the girls he stayed with my mom in the ER late in to the night & was right back there as soon as the visiting hours started, he talked to the doctors, updated my family, comforted my mom, supported me, & was seriously just amazing.
So as of now #4 is still sick, my swaps went out too late so will probably be returned ^ insert sad face, but THANK GOD Mom is stable. Ok if you're still reading this, thank you & here is a little eye candy!
This was one of the "late" swaps I made, my favorite one. The new Valentines DSP is just so stinkin cute! Ok now I've got to get back to the kiddos but thanks for checkin in with me today. ~Hugs

Stamps: Thats the Ticket (item#128072 w/128075 c)
Paper: Pool Party, Primrose Petals, Very Vanilla, More Amore DSP, Doily
Ink: Primrose Petals
Big Shot: Cloudy Day Embossing Folder, Scallop Heart die, Heart Framelits


  1. Mercedes, I saw your card on SC and came to your blog to see more. SO sorry you have sick kids and that your mom has been SO sick! I will definitely keep her (and you!) in my prayers - how scary!!

    LOVE your swap card - I'm on my way up to my stamp room to try to make one similar!!

    So you've got 4 little girls! I have 3, but they all went and grew up on me! But I have 4 granddaughters, all under 5, and another grandbaby due in July! People are wondering if we could possibly ever have a boy in our family! We'll see! :-)

    Hugs for all you've been through,
    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com

  2. Your card is darling, and I hope you got in on the swap :)
    Had a round of the flu at my house since Xmas, so know where you are coming from, except we are all adults here. Remember when my 4 kids were little, and I did daycare, and would sometimes have sick daycare, as well as my own.
    Take good care of mom, too, and hope for better health in the coming year.


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